• Plastic Ball丨PP Ball丨POM Ball丨NYLON Ball


    1) Materials: Plastic POM/PP/PA/NYLON

    2) Diameters: 1mm-10mm

    3) Quality standards: No mold lines, without edges, smooth surface.

    4) Features and applications: Plastic Balls are a cost-effective substitute for metallic balls in low load bearings. They are also used as agitators in aerosol spray cans, lightweight check valves, medical diagnostics and a wide variety of other applications. Plastic is lower in cost and used where weight is not an issue, or a lightweight material is desired. In addition, they are used in handicrafts, ornaments, household tools, etc.

    Plastic Ball Level Parameters

    Grade Tolerance (μm) Spherical Error(μm)
    ±25 ±12
    ±50 ±25
    GΙΠ ±127 ±127

    Plastic Ball丨PP Ball丨POM Ball丨NYLON Ball

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