• Glass Ball丨Soda Lime Glass Ball


    1)Material: High Precision Glass /Soda Lime Glass

    2)Diameters: 0.8mm-25.4mm

    3)Specific Gravity: 2.8g/m³

    4)Hardness: >700kg/mm²

    5)Compressive Strength: 3400kg/cm²

    6)Features: High strength solid glass ball has stable chemical performance, high strength, low abrasion, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. Mainly for the colorless.

    7)Applications: Glass Balls are widely used in paint, printing ink, pigment, pesticide, rubber and other industries.It is an essential part in the grinding machine and ball mill. Applicable to both large and small hardware such as plastic, gold and silver jewelry items, as cleaning and polishing, not only to restore smoothness of the processing object itself , but also strengthen the strength and precision of the object with special color effects, and minimal loss of the object. It is the ideal material in surface treatment of special effects. Can also be used in micro spray pump, decoration and so on.

    Glass Ball丨Soda Lime Glass Ball

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