• Stainless Steel Ball (AISI316/ AISI316L)


    1) Materials: AISI 316/316L, SUS 316/316L
    2) Diameters: 0.5mm-50.8 mm

    3) Grades: G60-G1000

    4) Hardness: HRC20-28

    5) Certificate: ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TS-16949

    6) Features: Stainless steel balls AISI 316 and stainless steel balls AISI 316L offer excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to sculpture acid compounds. This austenitic steel includes 2-3% molybdenum. Type 316L stainless steel has a lower carbon content than 316, which gives it even higher corrosion resistance than 316. They are magnetic and non-magnetic after degauss. Their performance are better than 304. And the 316L stainless steel is one of the most exclusive items at present.

    7) Applications: Stainless steel balls AISI 316 and stainless steel balls AISI 316L are mainly used in trigger sprayers, perfume bottles, bearings, dispenser valves, body jewelry, lotion pumps, quick-disconnect couplings, aerospace applications, medical equipment, food machinery, cosmetic accessories, body decorations, instrument, chemical industry, aviation, spaceflight, valves, nail polish, cell phone batteries, etc.

    Chemical composition % 316 316L
    C 0.08MAX 0.03MAX
    Si 1.00MAX 1.00MAX
    Mn 2.00MAX 2.00MAX
    P 0.045MAX 0.045MAX
    S 0.030MAX 0.030MAX
    Cr 16.50--18.50 16.00--18.00
    Mo 2.00--2.50 2.00--3.00
    Ni 10.50--13.50 8.00--12.00

    AISI316/316L Stainless Steel Ball

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