• ZHONGSHAN H.R.T. PRECISION STEEL BALL CO.,LTD. is located in the great revolutionary forerunner Sun Yat-sen 's hometown , Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province , the main products are precision stainless steel balls, bearing balls, steel balls, glass balls, ceramic balls and plastic balls , with size Ф0.5mm-Ф250mm, which are widely used in bearings , lithium batteries , micro motors, precision molds , auto parts , precision instruments , medical equipment and precious metal grinding and other industries. Products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia , Europe and America.

    In the production of micro-precision steel balls, H.R.T. uses advanced production equipments for small balls from cold-heading process to fine-grinding process, and uses the advanced precision testing equipments to detect the balls. Not only the hardware but the software are for the foundation of high quality and excellent products. Besides, H.R.T. uses the High Precisioin Roller Sorting Machines after each process to reduce the defect rate of products. This machine has received national invention patent. In the management of the company, H.R.T. has imported German TUV quality management system ISO9001:2008, 14001:2004 and TS16949:2009 since it founded and has strictly carried out, and all employees are trained regularly so that the quality of products can closer to the international advanced level. H.R.T. develops with "full participation, quality first" , and makes “finished products inspection pass rate more than 99% , products on time delivery rate more than 98% , the error rate less than 0.1% of the finished product inspection, staff training pass rate 100%, customers timely response rate greater than 99%” as the goals. Produce the best products with our heart and provide the best service with our soul!

    After several years of efforts, H.R.T. has make great progress in the production of steel balls, some dimensional accuracy of chrome steel balls and stainless steel balls can reach Gr5 from Gr10. This is a qualitative leap to successfully fill the gaps in the domestic market in technology. Contrast foreign high-quality miniature ball samples, after the luoyang bearing research institute of evaluation, our single grain steel ball can fully comparable to imported steel balls on precision and surface quality. Under the condition of mass production in China, with the same specification of miniature balls, we are one of the good manufacturers.



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